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Quality Policy

The Management of DTA S.A., is based on our Quality Management System, is fully committed to:

• Implement processes and operational methods for planning in the Management System, allowing actions to evaluate the context of the organization and increase productivity by defining where the company is located.
• Promote the continuous training of all the participants, to ensure the necessary technological competences that allows us to fulfill the applicable commitments and the concerned parties.
• Improve the quality of the service provided to overcome the total satisfaction of both internal and external customers and suppliers by improving Process Management and interpersonal relationships.
• Set the idea of continuous improvement as a tool for the growth and consolidation of our company, marking the macro vision on the projects and vision of expansion in the future.
• Form a system under risk analysis at the level of processes and project in such a way that it becomes highly preventive to minimize the error from the base of our processes and with a continuous planning to deal effectively with the problems.

The Management of DTA S.A. is committed to ensuring that the Quality Policy is understood, implemented and maintained by the staff, through its commitment.

DTA is a company specialized in the Aerospace and Defense Markets. In the commercial area, is Business partner and/or representative of companies
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