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Aguilucho 1 is a DRONE aircraft with autonomous flight, capable of safe flight in winds with a maximum speed between 40 and 65 km / h and a cruising speed between 30 and 50 km / h.
His memory of high capacity of 64GB and his registry of photos at intervals of time to elaborate mosaics, are some of his characteristics that do it optimum for his performance of high demand.

DTA S.A. has designed aircraft instruments, communications, antennas, Angle of Attack sensor, Yaw Damper, etc., and now we are working in Panels ( Alarm & configuration) development under contract with FADEA (Argentina's Aircrafts Manufacturing Company), avionic instruments, and other replacement parts for IA63 PAMPA and PUCARÁ airplanes.

The AOA probe provides an angle of attack or displacement sensing the direction of local air flow. The sensor is located on the fuselage of the aircraft with a conical probe extending out of the fuselage. The conical probe has grooves, which will serve to measure pressure difference in them. The angular position of the sensor probe is converted to an electrical output; proportional to units of angle of attack.

The alarm panels, which equip the IA-63 Pampa aircraft in the pilot and co-pilot positions, centralize the WARNING and CAUTION alarms that are generated in the aircraft, which are announced in a luminous way by the simultaneous lighting in each panel of the aircraft. corresponding indication, and in audible form.

The configuration panel is an LRU (Line Replaceable Unit) installed on the aircraft, in the position of pilot and co-pilot. Its function is to indicate the position of mobile elements of the airplane, such as flaps, landing elements, aerodynamic brakes and generate BIP signal.

The yaw damper control unit is a device coupled to the IA-63 Pampa III aircraft rudder command through the damping actuator. It compensates aircraft oscillationes via an electro-hydraulic actuator, acting on the rudder in order to meet lateral-directional flying according to MIL norms.

Design for IA63 PAMPA III aircraft

Directional Control Unit

Solenoid Valve for Main Brake
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