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Hinge machined in titanium, with very high precision requirements, critical during opening and planning and orientation of the synthetic aperture radar antenna

DTA-SA specializes in custom filters for space, military and comercial applications using modern assembly and testing equipment, and by utilizing the most advanced microwave design software available.

The main instrument of the SAOCOM satellite is a synthetic aperture radar (SAR). The SAR Antenna is a flat phase matrix that operates in dual linear polarization, capable of generating and directing Tx & Rx beams that can take many different forms along the elevation plane of the antenna. The general SAR antenna is a matrix composed of 28 CTR. The unique CTR is the only active module of the antenna. Each CTR is an aluminum box containing the control units (CU), power supply units (PSU) and the T / R modules (TRM) needed to power and control the radiant modules.

The SAOCOM Program consists of a constellation of Satellites for the purpose of Earth Observation. These satellites carry a SAR instrument, which consists of: an electronic central unit, a SAR antenna and the CTR with the control units and power supply to the MTRs.

Power Spliter Combiner x 5 with Sync
Combiner of several doors to a door, with high demands of impedance and uniformity of distortion of amplitude, delay and phase, given its use in the compound signal of the synthetic aperture radar
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