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In DTA we are dedicated to assembly of electronic boards, armed with special cables, harness, preformed components in flat pack format, under strict standards as:
-MIL (Military)
-ESA (European Space Agency)
-NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

The service offers cleanroom:
-PCB inspection .
-Preparation kits for assembly armed with documents
-Cleanroom assemblies
-Area Protected from dust and esd
-Welding equipment ESD
-Welding 60/40 , eutectic and ROHS Smoke extractors
-Inspection and taking evidence through microscopes with digital cameras.
-Surface treatments ( staking , coating , bonding ) with different polymers
-Camera vacuum for desgasificacion of polymers.
-Packing for ESD and Vacuum
-Preparation kits for assembly with full documentation
Monseñor Pablo Cabrera 5020
Tel: +54 351 4770044
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